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Sunday, August 30, 2009

KAWS x Michael Jackson

Mannn! I'm home and I started to work again! I have only 2 days and need to start the shcool... Bloggin': I find this picture at kanye and I think this pohoto is hot (like all the KAWS pictures...)! "New Jersey-born Artist Kaws was invited recently by Interview Magazine to work atop an image of Michael Jackson for an editorial piece on the late pop sensation." "The final image is typical of Kaws’ unique style and features a ‘Bendy’ (a worm-like character who often appears in Kaws’ work) wrapped around Jackson which is reminiscent of previous work, most obviously the iconic reworking of Supreme’s Kate Moss tee." Yo, this is... I love it! Stay fresh, bye!
by: Khirrill


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