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Friday, August 07, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 12th

What’s up!? Nowadays I listen a lot the „Eyes On Me” by Clipse, Pharrell and Keri Hilson. I love it, because it have a really changeable instrumental and I like the melody what sing Pharrell and Keri.
Other, I promised I will write about the place where I am now! So now rockin’ in SineMoretz (it mean: The Sea’s Son) on the bulgarian seaside. This is a little town on the South-Blacksea. It’s near to the turkish frontier, and this is why tomorrow my parents and me will go to meet Turkey!
From when we are here I all day go down to swim and lay in the sand. Our flat is on the 4th floor and from the balcon you can see the river (Veleka) and the sea. The river have contact with the „salted water” and it is magical! Every day I watch the horses whose are eating grass all the time and I enjoy the waves.
Today was a windy day and the waves were about 1-2m high! One of them grabbed me and hit me to the sand… It hurt really much (don’t laugh!). Maaan, I think this feeling need for the full relax! But have a little problem too. I really miss my friend, Szaki (pronounce Suky). Don’t worry Khirrill, you will see him a lot.HAHA.!
Again other (but it’s short): I work every day on the Bots graphics. I want to do something what is simple but looks freshlyflyin'good.
„Hey now! All eyes on me” and it’s true. In the next entry I will write more about this „all eyes one me” thing (now didn’t talk about the song, I talked about my life). In the next post, because I don’t want to be boring my blog and I want to the bloggers read the full what I write down! If I think something not right please tell me boys and girls! I can’t say enough: you are important for me! I think this is a lot for today and I say goodbye!

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