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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 14th

Hmmm… Something happened, because nowadays have no comments and this makes me sad. I don’t know why! Are boring my entrys or or or…? I don’t know. If you see something please tell me and I change what is bad! Ok, this enough.Other theme: Yesterday we went to 2 city (Burgas, Sozopol). These are two city with beaches, shops and hot chicks! True, there was a lot good looking girl.LOL. Shut up, Khirrill…! So we walked a lot and at the end of the day I was so-so tired. But what maked me happy: shopping, of course. But only in the next entry will I show the thing what I bought, because now I haven’t got picture about it. Now here some picture about the places. This the dock in Sozopol with me...
Burgas is a big city, Sozopol just now starts to be a ’’hoteltown”. We everytime were in Sozopol, but from 2 years have too many people there and I don’t like it now… This made on the pier in Burgas.
An in the night the old castle wall in Sozopol. You can walk all along next to the wall...

I think I said the all what I want. Now I go back to watch „The Man With Two Brain” with Steve Martin.HAHA.
Oh yeah, and now at the end I repeat: please, write what’s wrong!!! Thanks, bye!


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