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Sunday, August 09, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 13th

Hello watchers! How I said we went to the bulgarian-turkish frontier. From SineMoretz (where we are now…) needed to drive about half hour and we arrived to a little city, I forget the name of it… It’s not a beautiful town but we parked the car and started to walk. After 500m we got see the sea and a river. We standed on the bulgarian side, the river’s other side is Turkey. It looks amazing, but it’s my opinion. What do YOU think? Let’s watch the picture!

You can see the turkish flag with a little walking way and the back of all the beach, what is Turkey yet. There was no people on the turkish side, but on the bulgarian were a lot… I heard something from my parents, that in Turkey about 200km from us there is an old anphiteatrum from the romain era what is one of the Seven Wonder of the World. This is a wrong picture about me, but no problem...
Oh yes. I forgot to show some pictures from Plovdiv what’s may be interesting! I repeat: This pictures now from Plovdiv, but only this two!!! This is an old aphiteatrum too (from the romain era). It’s in the center of the city, on a little higher place from where you can see the town. Today it used for sighting and have some caffe houses around, but it was a theather in the time of the greeks and before an arena of the gladiators! Now they doing the repairs of the gate and tubes where the lions comed to fight with gladiators. Amazing to think, wath happened here for long ago…
So I think these informations enough for today again… Have a nice fly.HAHA.! Byebye.

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