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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 11th

Khm! Hello bloggers! Today is 4th of august and a couple of days we got into the car to fare. Our destination was the seaside. We rode for 7 our. My things in the car (the most importants!):

  • Superman New Era cap
  • Mishka New Era cap
  • L'UOMO Vogue magazin
  • Apple iPod nano
  • Louis Vuitton bag (inside: laptop, camera, sunglasses, cream)

And this is whereat be worth fare this long time... Amazing, incredible and and.... You know, this is the see! This picture made at the first night. The nest time I show some other picture and I will give some information about this placeInteresting and beautiful!!! I wish you are in good places like this in your holiday! That's for today... Bye

by: Khirrill

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