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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey, watch this "something"! Now I seen The Dark Knight... and I checked the official site. I find some widget and I choose this. I think it's so cool. Download, pictures etc.

Play with "Pac-Man feat Bots" (on our blog at underneath), and watch videos at the right side!!!

by: Khirrill

Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Magazines

I publish some magazines, what I like and what you need to read.
The items can be little bit wrongs, if you want to correct me, please do it.
Let's started it!
The Complex Magazin by Marc Ecko, wich usually write about the stars and the famous persons.
The famous ELLE Magazine, which I don't need to present to public...

The american i-D Magazin, what is an totally/typical design and style magazine.

The hungarian PEP Magazin, what is better than the general hungarian things...

So these are the most important for me!

But at the shops and in other countryes there is a lot of cool papers, whats are better than better... Unfortunately, in Hungary from the magazines only have the ELLE (and of course the PEP)
by: Khirrill

JR in London Town

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing more and more work from JR. The French photographer most recently plastered his giant photos all over some buildings in London.
This work is my favourite from JR, because it is important for me, I have seen it live at summer, near to the Upper James Street...
Enjoy JRs art, google it!
by: Khirrill

The Simpsons

At this link you can watch the new The Simpsons intro. It came out in HD. At the vide have an hint ford this, because Bart write this to the board: "HDTV IS WORTH EVERY CENT"...
Its quality markedly better! I love traditional intor, bit I think it is so cool, too.
But the chaseing with the "old sofa" is too long... Don't say I know: every episode have another intro end, bit i don't change my mind, it's too long for me. Funny, so-so funny!
Cheese it! Let's see the intro:

Poem for Today

Edin kicsi Khirrill poem
Életünk és annak szemlélete
Mint tudjuk, lehet minden féle
Like the hardest thing in world
Be strong, grab the magic sword
I davai gas, haide, varvi mum4e
Ako hapa edin malko ku4ence
Ne tégy semmit, nyilaljon beléd
Így szabályozd életed szemléletét
by: Khirrill

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse

It's and older info, but I think it have place here.
Marc Jacobs just made every bootleggers dream come true, Louis Vuitton is bringing back the Graffiti Collection by Stephen Sprouse!

The painting style is like the latter Skateboard what do Sprouse too.
From the skateboards only 3 will be available for $8250.00 each.
This bag is an traditional Louis vuitton form, and the graffity looks so good in it.
Buy it if you wanna...
by: Khirrill

Julchas Profile 1

About Julcha:
She born in 17.06.1992. at Budapest, the capital of Hungary. She likes to travel to London, Berlin etc. ...
Her another nickname is Juliscka or July. It came from the Julia name. Yeah, she is Romeos pair... Can be it's not the correct info, but the B.O.T.S. members learn german language, and they like kidding with it. So Julcha writed on german...
She is the second member in the Brains On The Stage, because after Khirrill she do the most thing about it.
She likes theatre, singing, and she likes to travel.
Her motto: "Somewhere, over the rainbow..."
She is an dreamer too. She loves the culture (theatre, museums, reading...)!
Her best friends are the B.O.T.S. members. She loves the England so much and everything about it. She loves the art of:
  • The Ting Tings (it's one of the lot)
  • Luke Chueh
  • Heath Ledger (mostly as Joker)
  • Paulo Coelho

Her icons/heroes are (citation from Myspace:) her friends, her parents, Hansel and Gretel!

Can be it's not the end of his profil, but today it is. You can read more about Julcha at the "Julchas Profile 2"

by: БОЦЦs editors

Khirrill Profile 1

About Khirrill:
He born in 17.06.1992. at Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
He likes to travel to London, Paris, Sofia etc. ...
His another nickname is Maky or Makyreal. It cames from the bulgarian Kiril name. This name (Kiril) have a really long story... But the Makyreals is short:
Maky came from monkey and the second letters from the end are KY. So he put there the real word and it is.
He based this brand and he is the charter member of B.O.T.S., the Brains On The Stage.
He mostly dress from London.
He loves theatre, his mother is actress, his father is director.
He writes poems, novels... He dream a lot, and a lot of dream will be made. His best friends are the B.O.T.S. members. He loves speakin' english, but he can speak the bulgarian language too.He loves the art of:
  • Takashi Murakami
  • Luke Chueh
  • Van Gogh
  • and a lot of musicians

His icons/heroes are his parents! But he loves very much one famous person, but he don't like tell upon his name...

Can be it's not the end of his profil, but today it is. You can read more about Khirrill at the "Khirrills Profile 2"

by: БОЦЦs editors

Dior Homme "Blow" Sunglasses

Here is the newest Dior Homme "Blow" Sunglasses! I really really like them. Yeah, this blog not for our brand. We will write about some other brand, news and what we want. I don't promise, that day for day get a new entry, but sometimes can be get up not only one...

by: Khirrill
This the NDK in Sofia. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.
Hmmm, why Bulgaria? Because the charter member, Khirrill is semi-bulgarian...
I want to make stronger the "Hungarian-Bulgarian" contacts.
I design to do t-shirt with the both countryes folks, because I want to know about these things more and more people.
But I hope nobody misconcept me, I don't want to do this like something nerd, it will be ambitious and creative.
The style will be like my/our favourite brands (it's secret, which are those...)

by: Khirrill

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm Maky!
Maybe at march the First Season will arrive!!!
The plot:
- t-shirts with the Bots logo
- sweaters with the Bots logo
End and end and writeyalater