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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Julchas Profile 1

About Julcha:
She born in 17.06.1992. at Budapest, the capital of Hungary. She likes to travel to London, Berlin etc. ...
Her another nickname is Juliscka or July. It came from the Julia name. Yeah, she is Romeos pair... Can be it's not the correct info, but the B.O.T.S. members learn german language, and they like kidding with it. So Julcha writed on german...
She is the second member in the Brains On The Stage, because after Khirrill she do the most thing about it.
She likes theatre, singing, and she likes to travel.
Her motto: "Somewhere, over the rainbow..."
She is an dreamer too. She loves the culture (theatre, museums, reading...)!
Her best friends are the B.O.T.S. members. She loves the England so much and everything about it. She loves the art of:
  • The Ting Tings (it's one of the lot)
  • Luke Chueh
  • Heath Ledger (mostly as Joker)
  • Paulo Coelho

Her icons/heroes are (citation from Myspace:) her friends, her parents, Hansel and Gretel!

Can be it's not the end of his profil, but today it is. You can read more about Julcha at the "Julchas Profile 2"

by: БОЦЦs editors

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