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Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Magazines

I publish some magazines, what I like and what you need to read.
The items can be little bit wrongs, if you want to correct me, please do it.
Let's started it!
The Complex Magazin by Marc Ecko, wich usually write about the stars and the famous persons.
The famous ELLE Magazine, which I don't need to present to public...

The american i-D Magazin, what is an totally/typical design and style magazine.

The hungarian PEP Magazin, what is better than the general hungarian things...

So these are the most important for me!

But at the shops and in other countryes there is a lot of cool papers, whats are better than better... Unfortunately, in Hungary from the magazines only have the ELLE (and of course the PEP)
by: Khirrill

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