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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Than A Game

Yes, you can say. It's more than a game! Now this is a film!!! The american director Kristopher Belman now came out with a new film about a basketball team. The members of this team: Luttle Dru, Sian, Willie, Romeo and the bigest, LeBron James. I think it's an beautiful/wonderful story, it can make you cry!

Here is the official shortstory:
Five talented young basketball players from Akron, Ohio star in this remarkable true-life coming of age story about friendship and loyalty in the face of great adversity. Coached by a charismatic but inexperienced players father, and led by future NBA superstar LeBron James, the Fab Fives improbable seven-year journey leads them from a decrepit inner-city gym to the doorstep of a national high school championship. Along the way, the close-knit team is repeatedly tested—both on and off the court—as James exploding worldwide celebrity threatens to destroy everything theyve set out to achieve together. "More Than A Game" combines a series of unforgettable one-on-one interviews with rare news footage, never-before-seen home videos, and personal family photographs to bring this heart-wrenching and wholly American story to life.
It's worth to watch it! You can do it in October 2, 2009... Stay fresh, play games!

by: Khirrill

Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Online Shop with eye of Bots: Mishka

Hey! Here is the second "An Online Shop with eye of Bots" and now I will write about a New Yorker brand, the Mishka. In the previous was the Kidrobot now is the Mishka... I love the mishkanyc.com/store because the using surface is looking good and you find what you want. Now let's see the clothes whichs are chosen by me...
The first is:
Loveless M-65 Jacket Dark Teal
Price: $136.99
"The M-65 body is back! We got pockets for anything and everything you might need to carry on your persons, as well as a detachable hood lined with some bomb flannel." You can buy it here: loveless-m-65-jacket--dark-teal So the second is:
Over-Sized Bear Mop Crew Navy
Price: $73.99
"Show everyone what brand you back with this Classic Мишка piece." Click here to buy: over-sized-bear-mop-crew--navy
Here is the third:
Loveless Flannel Green
Price: $84.00
"Buffalo Plaid with a colorful Mishka twist." You can buy it here: loveless-flannel--green
The fourth is looks like a sequel:
Alexei Japanese Selvage Denim Grey
Price: $179.00
"The Alexei Selvage Raw is a 5-pocket Vintage Straight Leg Shrink-to-Fit Cut. Unlike with low rise denim the waist size here is exactly the waist size!" You can buy it here: alexei-japanese-selvage-denim---2
And the last one is now again for the girls:
Keep Watch Women's Tee Baby Blue
Price: $31.99 (but now just $16.00!)
"We've got our eyes on you, this is proof." You can buy it here: keep-watch-womens--baby-blue
And here is "one" more extra, but it's just in the link, because on the Mishka's online store have a plus category, "The Cheap Seats" and it includes a clothes. So check it HERE and choose you favourite! Stay fresh, bye...

by: Khirrill

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes 'Camo' backpack

The american Jhonny Cupcakes is one of my favourite brands (just have no store where can I buy it, and I hate the ordering.HAHA.). Today they released a brand new item, the "Camo" backpack. They done this knapsack featuring their trademark camo pattern. It’s made from 100% nylon, has two slots (one for your laptop), a bunch of pockets (some hidden), and areas for a water bottle, pencils, credit cards, etc… You can buy it on the Jhonny Cupcakes Online Store. Now here is some pics about that. And at the end here is the full view of the kewl bag...
I like it very much, I hope you too! Bye bloggers.

by: Khirrill

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Clipse x KAWS x Complex

I know, I know... Don't say! I write a lot about the Complex, but maaan(!) what can I do!? I think now it does the best entrys (okey... on of the best). Now it's about everybody's favourite duo, Clipse (Click HERE to learn about them)! I think the best cover I have ever seen! F*cking kewl. It made by KAWS, and of course it printed by Complex... I couldn't paste here the HTML so, HERE (click) is a video about the Inside Complex's Clipse x KAWS Cover Shoot: "Catch up with Pusha T and Malice as they shoot the October/November 2009 Complex cover story."
That's it bloggers, stay fresh, bye!
by: Khirrill

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeremy Enigk - Mind Idea

Jeremy Enigk borned in July 16, 1974. He is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for being the front man of the Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate. Here is a song (clip) from his newest album, OK Bear (2009). Click HERE for watch his site. The song is good and the video too (the director: AG Rojas). I think the style and the mode of recording is beautifull. Enjoy it...

The official video from Jeremy Enigk's new album.
Track: Mind Idea
Director: AG Rojas
DOP: Eric Ulbrich
Rollerblade Operator: Ken Wales
1st AC: Brandon Alperin

I hope you love it and in the future you will listen the song and watch the video, i really love it! Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Sneakers Of The 2000s

The "listmaniac" Complex.com now done a list about the best kicks of the 2000s. In it have some bad, some ugly shoes but there is a lot of the coolest, freshest and (of course) the BESTs. So be worth to watch it (you can do it HERE)! I don't want to show the winner, check it yourself!
Here are some sneaker what is important/cool for me (and why)... These are not in order, just how I found it.
So the first is the Air Jordan Spiz'ike (2007), because I've got this shoes only in other colour...We've always been on the fence about Spiz'ikes. Some make you look like a douche, some are great. This second colorway fell into the latter category when they hit stores for a limited release. The Spiz'ike incorporates elements of the III, IV, V, VI, and IX and features Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon character on the heel.
The second is the Nike Air Yeezy (2009), what is one of my favourite kicks (like the next) and "BEYONCE HAS THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL THE TIME".HAHA.
Kanye's Nikes were shrouded in mystery for over a year before they finally saw a much anticipated release in April 2009. Two more colorways followed in May and June, and all three had even the most jaded sneakerheads lining up for the glow-in-the-dark moon shoes.
The "like the next" is Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Jaspers (2009), you know... I said...

Nike practically shit its pants when they heard that Kanye was doing this, and then practically hopped the G-4 to go kill him when they heard he would be releasing the sneakers a mere month after the Yeezys wrapped up. Well, you know what they say: you can't hold a fish underwater.

Now here is the Supra Skytop "TUF" (2008), because I have a Skytop too...The Gold/Silver Skytops are dope because they started it off (you'll see those in a few), but the TUFs get an additional post for being so dope. The "TUF" styles were originally conceived to have tougher materials so skaters could wear them longer before wearing them out.
And now let's see the Nike Hyperdunk McFly (2008), it's a legend and I've seen it in Berlin!

Sneakerheads like Canadian Al Cabino petitioned for Nike to re-produce the hover-board shoes Marty Mcfly wore in Back To the Future Part II, and although the swoosh has yet to give in, the consolation prize was this Hyperdunk drop. The colorway mimicked McFly's scheme in the movie, and when the sneakers released to UNDFTD, Kobe Bryant was on hand to sign autographs out of a Delorean.

So I close this list... I'm a little bit sad, coz' I didn't find Bape Sta(s). But like always: don't worry! So that was the "Best Sneakers Of The 2000s" by Complex and the shorter list by Khirrill. Stay phresh!

by: Khirrill

Monday, September 14, 2009

Takashi Murakami Paints Self-Portraits

I found this info at bbc blog and they write down the full story so don't need more infos... "Takashi Murakami, Kanye & Emmanuel Perrotin! Make sure that you check out this great show at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallerie if you happen to be in Paris in the next few weeks, well worth it, “Takashi Murakami Paints Self Portrait” show closes October 17h, 2009." Cool picture...
This is the best of painted bears! I love it, I love it, I love it...
God dawn it... I will travel to Paris on October, 20th... Just three days (cryin')! Don't worry Khirrill... Okey, stay fresh!
by: Khirrill

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I like...

Click on the picture to see it in bigger...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"How to Dress Like Your Favorite Cartoon Characters"

Hahaaa! Here is an other entry what is impulsed by the complex magazine... Wrong, not impulsed just it give me cool articles. So the theme is: "How to Dress Like Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters". I'm lucky because this article inlude my favourite character, but more later...
So the complex collected clothes and put them together in a composition. The composition based on a cartoon character. I put the pictures in "From cool - To the best" order. So let's see the first...
The first cartoon charecter is Charlei Brown from Snoopy
1. DOCKERS LINEN NEWSBOY Click here to Buy It Now at Kohls, $9
3. J. CREW MILITARY JACKET Click here to Buy It Now at J. Crew, $168
4. URBAN OUTFITTERS DESERT BOOT Click here to Buy It Now at Urban Outfitters, $58
Now here is the second, Vince from the Recess 1. I STILL CALL IT COMISKEY SHIRT Click here to Buy It Now at No Mas, $25
3. NIKE 6.0 RADAR 2 CARGO SHORTS Click here to Buy It Now at Nike, $54
4. NBA LOGOMAN WRISTBANDS Click here to Buy It Now at Sports Authority, $8
5. adidas BOSTON CELTICS LARRY BIRD JERSEY Click here to Buy It Now at NBA store, $80
6. JEREMY SCOTT x adidas JS 3 TONGUE Click here to Buy It Now at Opening Ceremony, $220
Now my third boy is Johnny Bravo from Johnny Bravo.HAHA.

1. PERSOL BLACK SUNGLASSES Click here to Buy It Now at Sunglass Hut, $360
2. KICKING MULE INDIGO ROCKER JEANS Click here to Buy It Now at Oak, $275
3. HUGO NAROOLO TRIM FIT CREW T Click here to Buy It Now at Nordstrom, $45
4. ZURIICK LEATHER HIGHTOP Click here to Buy It Now at Oak, $115

Theee fourth one is Arnold from Hey Arnold!1. TOPMAN COTTON V NECK JUMPER Click here to Buy It Now at Topman, $40
2. CROOKS & CASTLES CHAIN C NEW ERA HAT Click here to Buy It Now at Turntable Lab, $44
3.LEVI SLIM STRAIGHT 514™ DARK ALLEY Click here to Buy It Now at Levi’s, $50
4. ZOO YORK SHIRT Click here to Buy It Now at Tillys, $49
5. SUPRA SKYLOW 1 5 Click here to Buy It Now at Factory413, $92

And at the end here is one of my favourite cartoon characters, who today closes this list, Doug from the Doug series

1. POLO RALPH LAUREN SWEATER VEST Click here to Buy It Now at Ralph Lauren, $50
2. AMERICAN APPAREL FINE JERSEY T Click here to Buy It Now at American Apparel, $17
3. NAUTICA TWILL FLAT FRONT SHORTS Click here to Buy It Now at Macy’s, $22
4. YMC CLASSIC PLIMMY SHOES Click here to Buy It Now at Oki-Ni, $46

So this was the "How to Dress Like Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters". I hope you love it. Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dunk Battle (Complex, botsbybots)

The Complex magazine made a competition for the Nike Dunks... "The 50 Best Nike Dunks Of All Time" is a Complex production, but I watched the site and I made a new rota of these Dunks but I have only four competitor! So let's check which is the 4th...
My fourth sneaker is the Nike x Pharrell Williams Dunk High from 2004
"Fans of N.E.R.D and Hypebeasts (can we call people Hypebeasts before that site started?) creamed their skinny jeans waiting in line for Skateboard P’s dunks. Hype aside, they’re sick, and if you have a pair on ice, you’ll be good even if your 401k is lookin’ lean."

The 3rd is which was the winner at Complex.com, the Nike Dunk Hi “Wu-Tang Clan” from 1999

"It can be argued that these are simply the original Iowa Goldenrod Dunk colorway with some Wu-Tang embroidery. Actually it doesn’t need to be argued, that’s what these are. But these Dunks take the number one spot for a few reasons. First, they are limited as crap. You can grab them at Flight Club, maybe ($5k+), but not really. At the original drop, releases were rumored at only 36 pairs (plus a few more that Nike dudes made for “sampling”). Second, they’re the Iowa colorway, which is the best of the orignal seven, and the black/yellow has all kind of power undertones behind it. Third, this was the sneaker that started regular Nike’s foray into the world of acknowledging cool. After the Wu-Tang Dunk came Pharrell’s, and then shop Dunks like UNDFTD and Kicks/HI and DQM’s Air Max 90. This was the Dunk that started teh second coming of the sneakerhead, and it’s still the best of the bunch as far as we’re concerned. Wu-Tang forever."

My runner-up are the Nike Dunk (Original 7 School Colorways) from 1985"These aren’t #1, well, just because. They’re hot, and getting one’s hands on an original pair is impressive, but there’s three more that are better. Back in 1985, collegiate basketball powerhouses UNLV, Kentucky, St. Johns, Syracuse, Arizona, Michigan, and Iowa got to match their shoes to warm-ups, t-shirts and their uniforms. Georgetown wanted it’s own, and pushed for a Terminator in Hoyas colors. The Dunk program moved from there, and produced the freshest on-court kicks the NCAA had ever seen. After the sneakers took an archive nap, Nike resurrected the silhouette and gave it the vintage treatment 20 years later."

And the winner iiiiiiiiisss, the Nike x UNDFTD Dunk Hi NL (Clerks Pack) from 2005

"UNDFTD designers created the Dunk High NL (no liner) as part of the Clerks pack. It somehow managed to make a “blue reef” and “cotton candy” colorway look awesome, and was accompanied by the Stussy Blazer and Union Air Force 180 to round out the pack."
So this was the fight of Dunks at botsbybots.blogspot.com! Read the little poem by me...
"When you see the Dunk
You get be a funk
But if you start to wear
Will be full the gear"
*These shoes only from the Complex list, I show which Dunk get the golden-medal at botsbybots...

The Nike Dunk x Coraline Promo from 2009

So this is the real end of story...

by: Khirrill

An Online Shop with eye of Bots: Kidrobot

So today I start a new entry series, the "An Online Shop with eye of Bots". In these posts I will show some clothes what I find on a brands webpage/online shop... My first choose is the Kidrobot's online store (click HERE to check it). I watced it and I found three kewl stuff. Let's have a look...
The first is the:
10 Degree StripedMen's Cardigan
Cotton Add a bit of subversive sophistication to your wardrobe with this cardigan made from 9gg knit 100% cotton with yarn dyed stripes.
Features Kidrobot logo buttons, wraparound Kidrobot logo printed on the bottom rib and a screen-printed Kidrobot Crest logo inside the neck.
The second is the:
KR Crest Double BreastedMen's Hoodie
Cotton French Terry Clash with class in this distinctive hoodie and turn the bourgeoisie on its head.
Made from 100% cotton French terry, this double-breasted hoodie features debossed, anti-brass KR buttons; an embroidered KR Crest on the left sleeve; metal snaps on the cuffs; and a gold lurex embroidered stacked logo on the bottom right.

And the third for the girls is:

FrostyWomen's T-Shirt
Cotton Give your mojo a refreshing blast with Frosty, the cool customer from TADO's Fortune Pork Plush mini series.
This 100% cotton tee features an oversized water-based screen-print of Frosty on the front and Classic Robot Head on the back right, and a TADO x Kidrobot collab tag on the right sleeve.
Check out their online artist profile here!

Yo, so this was the first (and NOT the last) "An Online Shop with eyes of Bots" with the brand, Kidrobot. I hope you enjoy it, stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Friday, September 04, 2009

Shih-Mao at botsbybots.

Shih-Mao's art is amazing! He borned in Taiwan, hes is an illustrator, artist, painter. For more informations about Mao, check his FLICKR... Now I show my favourite pics from him (the best is "Colectiva"). Enjoy it! So this is the picture what I've talked about. The "Colectiva" is a good painted, imaginative, humorous image from the artist! I love it, my favourite!
And this is the last picture, the confetti shooter tank...
So that were some image by Shih-Mao. I hope you love it...
by: Khirrill

Thursday, September 03, 2009

BBC Caps/Hats

Today the bbcicecream announced a picture. It has the "Home Team" name, this is a collection. I love the BBC/IC caps and this picture is amazing too. Colourful: red, blue, green, yellow, orange... Just beautiful this pic, enough!
Billionaire Boys Club “Home Team” Collection
by: Khirrill