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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday JC de Castelbajac!

Helo boys and girls! New Era and LEGO?! What the hell? No man, it's true.HAHA. Jc de Castelbajac the 60 years old designer from Casablanca designed two New Era Fitted. He used LEGO cubes to built up them. Watch!And here is two picture together about both...
And why am I posting this today? Because JC de Castelbajac has his 60th birthday today!He borned in 28 of November, 1949. So again: Happy Birthday (and "stay cool designer"). Bye!

by: Khirrill

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CoolTrip x Paris: 2nd (interests)

Yo! Again just to pic, but this two picture attest that Paris is the city of culture! We walked in the little streets and I made out a sticker... Maaan, this sticker is one of Leo & Pipo's art! Leo and Pipo is a fromation includes two french guy from Paris. In Paris and around the world you can find a lot from their works! So here is a small sticker by Leo & Pipo.
Click on their name to watch their myspace or HERE for more picture.
Near to that table there is a little garden of the oldest castle of Paris. Inside was an exhibition by Quarez. Michel Quarez is an artist, was born 1938 BirthDamascus, Syria, but now he lives and works in Paris, France. I'm here under the placat (on the old castle).

This things are small, but if you there and if you see them, can be really really cool! So, I hope you love it. Bye!

by: Khirrill

Monday, November 23, 2009

Panasonic Is So Funny

So, that was an astonishment... I think it's a good idea. What am I talkin' about? Here is the answer: in Indonesia, Saatchi & Saatchi have figured out probably the most clever way ever to advertise nose hair trimmers. They used the actual electrical wires and poles, they’ve tried to emphasize the need for nose hair trimmers as an indespensible grooming device. So the short story is this. Let's see the pictures about them:
Here you can find a longer post about them: CLICK
Oh, and one more thing what can be interesting: I Beleive in Advertising
So that's it for today! Bye.
by: Khirrill

Saturday, November 21, 2009

CoolTrip x Paris: 1st

Action! Now I also formally open the CoolTrip x Paris series (because the previous was only about shopping).
The aeroplane took off at 14:00 pm. The had my lunch on it and I read the fashion magazines what they have given... Than I said: Look at those clouds! They look like a specially world. And now I say again: Look at thos clouds! I think this pic is amazing and it's just with my phone.HAHA.
Ladies and Gentlemans, let's take your stakes! And the question iiis: what is this on the picture? I hope you will guess what it is, write down in your comment!
So, that was the first CoolTrip x Paris entry. Wait for the newers with videos. Stay fresh!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BAPE x The Beatles

Yes, The Beatles revival has caught on! After COMME des GARÇONS, the Bathing Ape joins in the collaboration streak that John, Paul, George and Ringo seem to be on with its own capsule collection of products. Featuring tees, knit sweaters and accessories that fuse both parties’ style and aesthetics together. Let's check the pictures!
What's -I think- the best: The famed v-neck knit sweater with the logo and a picture."We all live in yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..."
I think the simple Bape head logo looks good with the members' faces...
This shirt is simple, but the design of it is great too. The Beatles logo with the Ape head...
And at the and my favourite: a ragingly colorful pictorial tee depicting the band members looming over a BAPE shaped flower hedge.
I hope you love the collection, I will get some of these.HAHA. That's it, stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Number One Get Botsed!

Hey Yo! What's up? Ro Spit, Curt@!n$, Big Sean and Bun B got Botsed! This four rapper now done a song, the "#1"... The song is produced by Frank The Butcher (witer, riporter, etc.). I mixed up the basic "Number One" picture for the Bots blog. You can listen the song HERE!I liked it and hope you lik it too.SMILE. So that's it for today. Bye!

by: Khirrill

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ich bin ein Merliner!

So yesterday the Bots Crew went to a party. About in every month twice the Kollektiva (what is a DJ and party organizer group) made a party with a many DJs. Usually the spot is a theatre, the Merlin which is my favourite place.HAHA.
And now I got my driving license and I collected my friends and together we went into the city.
The girls (Julcha and an other girl) got off and me with Szaki started to search a parking place. After half hour we got one and we went inside too.
The one problem was just I couldn't drink (for the sake of driving). But the party was amazin', I really liked it like always...
About at 3-4 (am) we got into the car and let's go home! I was totally out (leg ache, tiredness), but I felt good.HAHA. I went to bed at 5 o'clock (am) and I got up today at 5 o'clock (pm).LOL. So that's it. Stay fresh and bye!
by: Khirrill

Nigel Sylvester, The Lighthouse Keeper

Hello! This is again a double-video-entry. Now I chose two video from Vimeo and now I show them. The first is: Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester). The video has maden by 13thWitness™ and with the famous 22 years old Nigel Sylvester's leading. I think the video's style is pretty good and they use two great song (DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablized {intro} ; Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt Soundtrack {ending}). Let's watch it!

And the second one: The Lighthouse Keeper. This video has maden by THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER. This is an animation which uses an interesting type of drawing. They use transition between hand-painting and computer animation. I really like it, and the story is good too. Enjoy it!
Hope you love it. See you next time!

by: Khirrill

Monday, November 09, 2009

CoolTrip x Paris: product

Well, I open the "CoolTrip x Paris" series with a product display. In it I show you one of my Bathing Ape Magazine (the 2009 Summer Collection)! I bought it at the Colette. Let's see the pictures with short notes.The basic pack is about 4 cm thick, 29.5 cm long and 21 cm wide.It includes a pic, a box and the magazine.Inside of the box you can find a bag......with four side. You can turn up the bag.If you get down the magazine's plus cover you behold the real cover...The magazine's language is Japanese and you need to turn the pages from right to the left (I think it's funny.HAHA.) There are the products of the 2009 spring/summer collection (caps, sunglasses, shoon, keyholders, trousers, bags, pulovers, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts and etc.).
Inside is an article with Nigo (the Bape's creator, DJ, producer...).
They are writing about their shops and you can find some pictures about them.
And at the first page (what's for me the last...) are 34 sticker what you can stick everywhere! And an edvert aput the Pirate Shop (sorry about the flash.).
Well, this was the first entry from the "CoolTrip x Paris", I hope you enjoyed it. The next will be about me and the video is comeing too.YEAH.! That's it, and stay fresh!
by: Khirrill

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Minor Road: Molnár-Zöldhegyi Dávid

So here is again something from hungary... Molnár-Zöldhegyi Dávid (Dávid Molnár-Zöldhegyi) is a hungarian student. He is 21 years old and his hobby is makeing photos. Now he made a webpage, the zoldhegyi.tk and you can see a lot from his work. I'm totally amazed by his workmanship! On Dávid's pohotos the colurs and the addjustments/sets are compelling. So here is six picture of my favourites:More infos about him:
- webpage: http://www.zoldhegyi.tk/ (here you can watch pohotos in themes)
by: Khirrill

What I like: Sean video

Uknow Big Sean... Now I found a video at his blog and the feel of this video is f@*!cking amazing! I don't know the correct reason, but I really like it and it made me happy! So watch the Me Chillin at Purdue With Dope Couture...

P.S.: the CoolTrip is comeing! First you will see a Bape product bought by me. That's it, bye!
by: Khirrill

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween and Get On My Horse!!!

So for everybody: Happy Halloween!!!
I'm back from Paris and I'm working on the video. I have three casette, what is about 3 hour... From these I'm going to do a 5 or 10 minutes video. I think itt will be good, and I hope you will love it! My present for the all is an animation what is more than funny!!! It's by Weebl, you need to listen to it and watch it!!! Click HERE for enjoy...And again: I wish for all a scary and horror, but happy Hallowen!!!

by: Khirrill