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Thursday, November 19, 2009

BAPE x The Beatles

Yes, The Beatles revival has caught on! After COMME des GARÇONS, the Bathing Ape joins in the collaboration streak that John, Paul, George and Ringo seem to be on with its own capsule collection of products. Featuring tees, knit sweaters and accessories that fuse both parties’ style and aesthetics together. Let's check the pictures!
What's -I think- the best: The famed v-neck knit sweater with the logo and a picture."We all live in yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..."
I think the simple Bape head logo looks good with the members' faces...
This shirt is simple, but the design of it is great too. The Beatles logo with the Ape head...
And at the and my favourite: a ragingly colorful pictorial tee depicting the band members looming over a BAPE shaped flower hedge.
I hope you love the collection, I will get some of these.HAHA. That's it, stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

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