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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Minor Road: Molnár-Zöldhegyi Dávid

So here is again something from hungary... Molnár-Zöldhegyi Dávid (Dávid Molnár-Zöldhegyi) is a hungarian student. He is 21 years old and his hobby is makeing photos. Now he made a webpage, the zoldhegyi.tk and you can see a lot from his work. I'm totally amazed by his workmanship! On Dávid's pohotos the colurs and the addjustments/sets are compelling. So here is six picture of my favourites:More infos about him:
- webpage: http://www.zoldhegyi.tk/ (here you can watch pohotos in themes)
by: Khirrill

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