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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nigel Sylvester, The Lighthouse Keeper

Hello! This is again a double-video-entry. Now I chose two video from Vimeo and now I show them. The first is: Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester). The video has maden by 13thWitness™ and with the famous 22 years old Nigel Sylvester's leading. I think the video's style is pretty good and they use two great song (DJ Krush - Strictly Turntablized {intro} ; Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt Soundtrack {ending}). Let's watch it!

And the second one: The Lighthouse Keeper. This video has maden by THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER. This is an animation which uses an interesting type of drawing. They use transition between hand-painting and computer animation. I really like it, and the story is good too. Enjoy it!
Hope you love it. See you next time!

by: Khirrill

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