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Monday, November 09, 2009

CoolTrip x Paris: product

Well, I open the "CoolTrip x Paris" series with a product display. In it I show you one of my Bathing Ape Magazine (the 2009 Summer Collection)! I bought it at the Colette. Let's see the pictures with short notes.The basic pack is about 4 cm thick, 29.5 cm long and 21 cm wide.It includes a pic, a box and the magazine.Inside of the box you can find a bag......with four side. You can turn up the bag.If you get down the magazine's plus cover you behold the real cover...The magazine's language is Japanese and you need to turn the pages from right to the left (I think it's funny.HAHA.) There are the products of the 2009 spring/summer collection (caps, sunglasses, shoon, keyholders, trousers, bags, pulovers, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts and etc.).
Inside is an article with Nigo (the Bape's creator, DJ, producer...).
They are writing about their shops and you can find some pictures about them.
And at the first page (what's for me the last...) are 34 sticker what you can stick everywhere! And an edvert aput the Pirate Shop (sorry about the flash.).
Well, this was the first entry from the "CoolTrip x Paris", I hope you enjoyed it. The next will be about me and the video is comeing too.YEAH.! That's it, and stay fresh!
by: Khirrill

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