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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pharrell's Honey Feature

The Japanese Honeyee made an article and a photoshoot about P. The article is about Pharrell’s inspiration for his clothing which is based on his admiration for classic Americana style.The article is in Japanese (so I didn' understand anything from it.LOL.) but there are quite a few new photos of Pharrell wearing items from the current collection which are amazing. Enjoy it...

Personally I totally love it. Check the full article HERE! Stay fresh! P.S.: sorry guys 'bout the bad quality.SAD.

by: Khirrill

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, the Bots Crew with Khirril wishes a very happy and lovely Valentine's day! I hope everyone found, find or will find the love and her/his pair! I think I found it/her.SMILE. But I don't know what holds the faith for me. I've done some pictures for you...
And here is two more (click on the links):

I hope you loved it. Stay fresh everybody!

by: Khirrill

Friday, February 12, 2010

Art by Me: "Awake Under The Snow" (photographs)

The winter has come. From the beginning of february it started to snow and it didn't stop. Everything were under 1m deep snow. The Whole city. When the snowing stopped, everything staied white. That was what inspired me. "Awake Under The Snow" is my first photo series (click on the links to watch the pictures, because of the good quality my blog got very slow)...






I dind't use Photoshop, all of these were made by my S5700 Fujifilm FinePic digital camera... I hope you love them. What you think?! All the best!

by: Khirrill

"The Oscar nominated LOGORAMA"

Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city... and even more in LOGORAMA! H5 directed many videos (Alex Gopher, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Röyksopp...), and has regularly been invited to exhibitions (2007 Nuit Blanche, Beaubourg, MoMA...). Logorama is its first short film. It is a fantastic idea and the implementation is so amazing too. Here are some picture about it...
And here is the entity, the movie... It's really worth to watcing!Personally I totally liked it, I hope you too! For more information check the logorama-themovie.com or the H5 crew's official webpage, the h5.fr. I will come back with an "Art by Me" entry... Stay fresh!
by: Khirrill

A Bathing Ape 'Bape Sta 88 Nylon'

Start to posting... A Bathing Ape has released some new footwear. The Bape Sta 88 high top sneaker comes in a new nylon version with bi-color upper. Overall it has been released in 4 colorways. I always loved the high top Bape Stas and these are again so cool!

So the short story is this for now! I will back early... Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Sunday, February 07, 2010

What I like: My new sneaker (II./II.)

Yeah! Here is the second part of "My new sneaker". In this video I'm gonna show you seven ways of wearing a Supra Society. Enjoy it people...

Finally, if you like it please rate me! Thanks for watching boys and girls! And you know... Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Short story (Happy Birthday Father)

Sorry about the non-posting but I was ill and I didn't want to "work". Today my parents and I went to a f*@!cking kewl restaurant. It was not the first time there, I love it... We celebrated my father's birthday, so Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Me in the restaurant... The short story is this. I will be back with the second part of "What I like: My new sneaker"! Check the first episode HERE. Stay fresh guys!
by: Khirrill