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Friday, June 05, 2009

Life of "Clipse"

Clipse is a critically acclaimed Virginia Beach, Virginia-based hip hop duo, formed in 1992. The duo consists of brothers Gene "Malice" Thornton and Terrence "Pusha T" Thornton. This group is affiliated with multi-platinum production team The Neptunes.
Their deput album was the "Exclusive Audio Footage". Despite being unreleased, the album spawned one single, "The Funeral". It released in 1999 (recorded: 1996-1997) and the producer was The Neptunes.
Their previous album was the "Hell Hath No Fury" from 2006, but now will come out the newest by Clipse. Its name is "Till the Casket Drops". It is the upcoming 3rd album, set for release in late-summer 2009. It will feature production from Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Rick Rubin, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, etc.
The best what is now played the Kinda Like a Big Deal, what has maden with Kanye West, and the Kaws made for it a graphic...
Malice doin' a Video Blog, sometimes you can find this videos at kanyeuniversecity and bbcicecream. The newest is from Malice is the 4th one.

Pusha T and Malice have an own clothes brand the "Play Cloths". It's based in 2008 and it is a progressive streetwear with a focus on the creation of high quality garments adaptable to any lifestyle. The "Play Cloths" logo and the clothes mean for me the total retro, back in the days, scool and the other things about childhood and playing... The newest is the Summer 2009, check it at the website. The Clipse often work together and rock with Pharrell Williams (head of "The Neptunes, later N.E.R.D.). They made a joint music in 2006, the "Mr. Me Too". It is the first single from the Clipse album "Hell Hath No Fury". So the song features, and was produced by Pharrell. This two guy run a big carreer from 1992 and we can say they're on the top todays. Listen their songs, watch their clips and buy their CDs! It's not an ad but this is the truth. I'm sure Pusha T and Malice deserve this show and shinin'. After the straight informations, here is a musicvideo by the guys. It is a Clipse present Re-Up Gang "Fast Life".
Yo and this is the "Life of"'s end. Today we can come to know the Clipse... I'm so tired now, I worked with it very much again. It's not complaining.LoL.! Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill


  1. one of my favorite groups... I love the clipse... they deserve to be on top..... as a matter of fact was listening to the first album today on my way to work.... My favorite song is young boy as well as gangster lean.....
    VA BABY!!!!! STAR TRAK!!!! RE UP GANG!!!

  2. Clipse is definately one of the most underrated rap groups in history but hopefully that changes soon. Dudes are nasty.

    Ur blogs dope by the way, I'll definatey be keepin tabs bruh!

  3. imma huge fan of the clipse.. i have 2 of their albums and i gotta say they are very underrated.. nice post!!!