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Thursday, June 11, 2009

BBC/Ice Cream Season 9 Look Book

Yeaaaaah! We couldn't wait for this new season but now here it iiiisss!!! On 10th of June came out the BBC/Ice Cream Season 9 Look Book. This look book include the Fall/Winter 2009 clothes.
The peculiars:
This season is similar to the Season 8 (Spring/Summer 2009). The english style is now totally tipycal of Pharrell. (English style: we can see it the best on cardigans, pulovers and on "stake" designs. I hope you understand what I'm talking about...). Nigo has created a special Space Beach collection within BBC for Fall/Winter. The Look Book's style is dope and I love the design of it.
Some best what I like:
- grey cardigan (on the first picture)
- jeans (with this small points, first picture)
- brown cardigan (on the second picture)
- pulover (with stakes, on the fifth picture)
- baseball jacket (on the sixth picture)
- blue/purple pulover (on the eighth picture)
- pulover (on the tenth picture)
The new season starts arriving July 1st, 2009. Here are some pictures from the Fall/Winter Season with numbers of the pictures.
1st 2nd
I hope boyz and girlz you love this entry and my opinion about the Fall and Winter clothes from BBC/Ice Cream (and of course the season 9). Enough for today, bye...
by: Khirrill

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  1. na csáó, mi a pálya, sztem eléggé gyerekes lett ez a season 9:D kb csak az 1. jön be nekem haha