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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Clipse x KAWS x Complex

I know, I know... Don't say! I write a lot about the Complex, but maaan(!) what can I do!? I think now it does the best entrys (okey... on of the best). Now it's about everybody's favourite duo, Clipse (Click HERE to learn about them)! I think the best cover I have ever seen! F*cking kewl. It made by KAWS, and of course it printed by Complex... I couldn't paste here the HTML so, HERE (click) is a video about the Inside Complex's Clipse x KAWS Cover Shoot: "Catch up with Pusha T and Malice as they shoot the October/November 2009 Complex cover story."
That's it bloggers, stay fresh, bye!
by: Khirrill

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