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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Sneakers Of The 2000s

The "listmaniac" Complex.com now done a list about the best kicks of the 2000s. In it have some bad, some ugly shoes but there is a lot of the coolest, freshest and (of course) the BESTs. So be worth to watch it (you can do it HERE)! I don't want to show the winner, check it yourself!
Here are some sneaker what is important/cool for me (and why)... These are not in order, just how I found it.
So the first is the Air Jordan Spiz'ike (2007), because I've got this shoes only in other colour...We've always been on the fence about Spiz'ikes. Some make you look like a douche, some are great. This second colorway fell into the latter category when they hit stores for a limited release. The Spiz'ike incorporates elements of the III, IV, V, VI, and IX and features Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon character on the heel.
The second is the Nike Air Yeezy (2009), what is one of my favourite kicks (like the next) and "BEYONCE HAS THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL THE TIME".HAHA.
Kanye's Nikes were shrouded in mystery for over a year before they finally saw a much anticipated release in April 2009. Two more colorways followed in May and June, and all three had even the most jaded sneakerheads lining up for the glow-in-the-dark moon shoes.
The "like the next" is Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Jaspers (2009), you know... I said...

Nike practically shit its pants when they heard that Kanye was doing this, and then practically hopped the G-4 to go kill him when they heard he would be releasing the sneakers a mere month after the Yeezys wrapped up. Well, you know what they say: you can't hold a fish underwater.

Now here is the Supra Skytop "TUF" (2008), because I have a Skytop too...The Gold/Silver Skytops are dope because they started it off (you'll see those in a few), but the TUFs get an additional post for being so dope. The "TUF" styles were originally conceived to have tougher materials so skaters could wear them longer before wearing them out.
And now let's see the Nike Hyperdunk McFly (2008), it's a legend and I've seen it in Berlin!

Sneakerheads like Canadian Al Cabino petitioned for Nike to re-produce the hover-board shoes Marty Mcfly wore in Back To the Future Part II, and although the swoosh has yet to give in, the consolation prize was this Hyperdunk drop. The colorway mimicked McFly's scheme in the movie, and when the sneakers released to UNDFTD, Kobe Bryant was on hand to sign autographs out of a Delorean.

So I close this list... I'm a little bit sad, coz' I didn't find Bape Sta(s). But like always: don't worry! So that was the "Best Sneakers Of The 2000s" by Complex and the shorter list by Khirrill. Stay phresh!

by: Khirrill

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