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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeremy Enigk - Mind Idea

Jeremy Enigk borned in July 16, 1974. He is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for being the front man of the Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate. Here is a song (clip) from his newest album, OK Bear (2009). Click HERE for watch his site. The song is good and the video too (the director: AG Rojas). I think the style and the mode of recording is beautifull. Enjoy it...

The official video from Jeremy Enigk's new album.
Track: Mind Idea
Director: AG Rojas
DOP: Eric Ulbrich
Rollerblade Operator: Ken Wales
1st AC: Brandon Alperin

I hope you love it and in the future you will listen the song and watch the video, i really love it! Stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

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