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Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Online Shop with eye of Bots: Mishka

Hey! Here is the second "An Online Shop with eye of Bots" and now I will write about a New Yorker brand, the Mishka. In the previous was the Kidrobot now is the Mishka... I love the mishkanyc.com/store because the using surface is looking good and you find what you want. Now let's see the clothes whichs are chosen by me...
The first is:
Loveless M-65 Jacket Dark Teal
Price: $136.99
"The M-65 body is back! We got pockets for anything and everything you might need to carry on your persons, as well as a detachable hood lined with some bomb flannel." You can buy it here: loveless-m-65-jacket--dark-teal So the second is:
Over-Sized Bear Mop Crew Navy
Price: $73.99
"Show everyone what brand you back with this Classic Мишка piece." Click here to buy: over-sized-bear-mop-crew--navy
Here is the third:
Loveless Flannel Green
Price: $84.00
"Buffalo Plaid with a colorful Mishka twist." You can buy it here: loveless-flannel--green
The fourth is looks like a sequel:
Alexei Japanese Selvage Denim Grey
Price: $179.00
"The Alexei Selvage Raw is a 5-pocket Vintage Straight Leg Shrink-to-Fit Cut. Unlike with low rise denim the waist size here is exactly the waist size!" You can buy it here: alexei-japanese-selvage-denim---2
And the last one is now again for the girls:
Keep Watch Women's Tee Baby Blue
Price: $31.99 (but now just $16.00!)
"We've got our eyes on you, this is proof." You can buy it here: keep-watch-womens--baby-blue
And here is "one" more extra, but it's just in the link, because on the Mishka's online store have a plus category, "The Cheap Seats" and it includes a clothes. So check it HERE and choose you favourite! Stay fresh, bye...

by: Khirrill

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