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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dunk Battle (Complex, botsbybots)

The Complex magazine made a competition for the Nike Dunks... "The 50 Best Nike Dunks Of All Time" is a Complex production, but I watched the site and I made a new rota of these Dunks but I have only four competitor! So let's check which is the 4th...
My fourth sneaker is the Nike x Pharrell Williams Dunk High from 2004
"Fans of N.E.R.D and Hypebeasts (can we call people Hypebeasts before that site started?) creamed their skinny jeans waiting in line for Skateboard P’s dunks. Hype aside, they’re sick, and if you have a pair on ice, you’ll be good even if your 401k is lookin’ lean."

The 3rd is which was the winner at Complex.com, the Nike Dunk Hi “Wu-Tang Clan” from 1999

"It can be argued that these are simply the original Iowa Goldenrod Dunk colorway with some Wu-Tang embroidery. Actually it doesn’t need to be argued, that’s what these are. But these Dunks take the number one spot for a few reasons. First, they are limited as crap. You can grab them at Flight Club, maybe ($5k+), but not really. At the original drop, releases were rumored at only 36 pairs (plus a few more that Nike dudes made for “sampling”). Second, they’re the Iowa colorway, which is the best of the orignal seven, and the black/yellow has all kind of power undertones behind it. Third, this was the sneaker that started regular Nike’s foray into the world of acknowledging cool. After the Wu-Tang Dunk came Pharrell’s, and then shop Dunks like UNDFTD and Kicks/HI and DQM’s Air Max 90. This was the Dunk that started teh second coming of the sneakerhead, and it’s still the best of the bunch as far as we’re concerned. Wu-Tang forever."

My runner-up are the Nike Dunk (Original 7 School Colorways) from 1985"These aren’t #1, well, just because. They’re hot, and getting one’s hands on an original pair is impressive, but there’s three more that are better. Back in 1985, collegiate basketball powerhouses UNLV, Kentucky, St. Johns, Syracuse, Arizona, Michigan, and Iowa got to match their shoes to warm-ups, t-shirts and their uniforms. Georgetown wanted it’s own, and pushed for a Terminator in Hoyas colors. The Dunk program moved from there, and produced the freshest on-court kicks the NCAA had ever seen. After the sneakers took an archive nap, Nike resurrected the silhouette and gave it the vintage treatment 20 years later."

And the winner iiiiiiiiisss, the Nike x UNDFTD Dunk Hi NL (Clerks Pack) from 2005

"UNDFTD designers created the Dunk High NL (no liner) as part of the Clerks pack. It somehow managed to make a “blue reef” and “cotton candy” colorway look awesome, and was accompanied by the Stussy Blazer and Union Air Force 180 to round out the pack."
So this was the fight of Dunks at botsbybots.blogspot.com! Read the little poem by me...
"When you see the Dunk
You get be a funk
But if you start to wear
Will be full the gear"
*These shoes only from the Complex list, I show which Dunk get the golden-medal at botsbybots...

The Nike Dunk x Coraline Promo from 2009

So this is the real end of story...

by: Khirrill

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  1. The NERD dunks are really tight, I like those a lot!