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Monday, July 27, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 7th (HOT!)

Hmmm... Today I can't write where I was because here is f*cking hot and we don't go outside. Just sittin' in the airconditioned car or house... The temperature hit the 43°C and it sucks! I make this photo at the renewing house the same day when the other pics in my brown trousers... I don't know whats happening in America or in England (why this two? because my followers are there!)... Please write me in the comments about the weather in your city! If where hot like here the guy can live just in tricot/singlet and in short jeans... BUT MAAAN! I hate the shorts!!! Ok. Here is a Carhartt shop in the city and I've seen there a good shorts. So I need to buy that because here is really hot!!! In the BLOK shop (what you can know from the Mashkulture.net) I found a dope Freshjive jeans what I want, but it with long leg and... you know...
So bloggers grab your keyboard and write the weather in your city, and how pass your summer!!! Don't be lazy, it's really interest me!
Yo back later... Bye boys and girls!
by: Khirrill

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  1. Right now in Georgia its been pretty hot for the LONGEST, but this whole week its been raining.. I'd rather have the heat, but its good to get a break lol