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Saturday, July 25, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 6th (shopping)

Today is 25th of july, I'm here with a "shopping" entry... When my parents do the renew I went to shop some new clothes. One of the best shops I think here is the Terranova! I sample the jeans (2 grey, 1 turquise, 2 brown) I found a brown one. I wanted a trouser like this from a long time, but I didn't find. For now... So here is my new brown trousers from the Terranova. (Kanye wear similar trousers in the new "Make Her Say" clip!)
I will show other pictures with another t-shirt but I haven't got photo with them... I think it looks good with my pink Lazy Oaf tee.

I wait your comments boys and girls and I hope you love my new clothes! I will be back today with another entry, promise!

by: Khirrill


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