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Thursday, July 16, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 1st

Hy everybody! Here is the 1st entry from the CoolTrip. I've got only one picture (this one...) because I'm stupid and I forgot at home my PenDrive... At my laptop only this picture I have. I made it in one of our house what we now renew! I'll do an own entry for my Nike Air Jordan Spiz'ike but on this picture you can see it. Upper Playground jeans, Upper Playground t-shirt, Louis Vuitton keyholder...
So that's it for today, maybe at tomorrow I will bring my PenDrive and I show some photos!
I hope everybody have a dope summer holiday!
by: Khirrill

1 comment:

  1. def. sound like a fresh fitt.. keep the good stuff comin!!!