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Friday, July 17, 2009

Боцц | BotS: "Look At Bots" logos

Yooo, what's up!? This is the 100th entry of the BotsByBots.blogspot.com! This is a happy day for me/Khirrill and in this entry I show you the brand new Bots/БОЦЦ graphics!!! I've done three variant. I don't know what one will show on clothes. Here is a chance to chip in the design of my brand! Choose what is the best!!!

I hope you love them! This is a way again to make the БОЦЦ an official, famous brand!

I really love the eye, I've painted it too, not just a copy!!!
by: Khirrill


  1. no offence man but your brand sucks balls but i give you respect for trying but either go for the whole cartoony look you CANT go half way peace man .

  2. no offence... tell what you think, but I don't understand well why it's your opinion... what's the problem and things like that? be true and stay fresh