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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 5th (shopping)

Hy BlogCheckers! Here is a LV entry. Why is an LV entry? Because I bought a new Louis Vuitton bag! The ABSESSES one. Abbesses features three interior pockets. This large city bag can be used as a discreet attaché case and slips easily onto the Pégase suitcase. Here is a photo from the louisvuitton.com And here is some worse photo what is maden by me...Today in the old house.The interior of the bag.The coupler (?) with LOUIS VUITTON sign. My Louis Vuitton Abbesses during the drive.
My Louis Vuitton Absesses during shopping foods and drinks. My Louis Vuitton Absesses during I takin' some new pictures with it! What you think!?
Today I'm sitting alone in the Starbucks and I drinkin' my Ice Caffe... Hmmm delicious but cold...! See ya later man!
by: Khirrill


  1. Hey, The bag is dope, and thanks for the love, really glad u like it, and of course i'll follow ur blog!

  2. man that bag is fly as fuck!!!!

  3. Wats up! it has been along time [sad face]. how u been. preciate the comments. hope u like the new stuff. cuz we're robofamily.
    oh and the bag is ubersexy

  4. Yes this si the AfterDef Museum life!!!

    We are goin to post a few on our blog...soon

  5. i want that . jeans speially those shirts !