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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joaquin Bladwin x Adam Berg video

Hey yo, blog checkers! In the newest entry I want to show you two video. The first is an animation film, the second one is a commercial. So the first video was made by Joaquin Baldwin. He is a 26 year old artist living in Los Angeles, California. He specialize in animation. Amazing, enjoy it and think about the voodoo's attitude.

Well, the second movie is a commercial by Adam Berg. The video was made for the Philips HD Tv. Adam Berg is a Swedish music video-director and brother to Joakim Berg of the music group Kent. About the video: the story line is obviously taking a cue from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight , featuring a swat team who has moved in to a decimated hospital.

I have no words... Congratulations!

by: Khirrill


  1. amazing blog!!!
    your style is so cool!!!

  2. The Animation on the voo doo is crazy dope.

  3. thank you "the angel negro"! Let's follow me!

  4. wow that animation was really good!!

  5. Wow. Ive run out the words to say how much i like these videos. They are so intresting. thanks for show us hommie! By the way very good blog. Keep writin':D Take care Bye.

  6. I've ran* hehe:)