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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 3rd day

Here is my third day in Sofia. I wake up blahblahblah...
Than we went to my grandparents's BigHouseVilla. We had lunch there and than we went to the city. Shopping again, go to restaurant. In the evening we watched a dance-performance. It made in two part. The first part I din't like but the second one was amazing!
Before our Villa's neighbour...

At the hotel I had a rest and nestled a little...

Later in a shopping center (City Center Sofia) I have met my coz and I have eaten the original bulgarian food, the kebabcheta. Hmmm yummy-yummy!
I was a little bit sad because I have came home to I forgot the bulgarian langauge... So with my coz I need to spoke half bulgarian, half english.
But look up boy, I have time to learn!!!
Well, that was my 3rd day in Bulgaria.
by: Khirrill

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