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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chalk and Me

The newest video here is a little bit contact to us. At the school we need to imbibe a lot chalkdust, because nowadays we need to learn a lot! But from today to wednesday we have a little holiday. But at thursday, friday we will write two "little-graduation" (english and maths...). So hope some of the readers will barrack for the Bots crew!
So the video is about the chalk drawings in the Firekites band's videoclip. I think it is amazing! 'N'joy it.

Oh and one more thing: Please write comments to the previous entry! Thanks guys.

by: Khirrill


  1. Well. I am the first who write here. I think that man/woman has much time who has made this video. I think its very hard excersice, but its a very good mini movie. I fell relaxed when I see it. So well done, great job. Thanks for show us Khirrill.:) seya

  2. maaan my old friend LaCokaNostra :D thanks for comment, bye

  3. Yo, this is pretty tight, gotta try this.