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Friday, April 17, 2009

CoolTrip x Bulgaria: 5th day

Yeeaahh, I check in with the fifth and in gross my last day in Bulgaria.
At mornin' I dressed up in Pharrell style...:
- G-Shock watch
- Ice Cream t-shirt
- Blue jeans (P wears like this in the Nylon TV interview)
- Vans Era
Yeah it's funny LOL. But I were really-really happy, because I knew it will be a good and heavy day.We jumped to the car and went to the church to celebrate a bulgarian feast.
Through the trek...After that we went to the Vitosha (a mountain next to Sofia) and we have gone for a stroll. There have been well snow. And that was amazing in a hot vernal term.
When I'm watching the snowboarders.The ski-lift was at work and people ski and snowboard.There is an old Hotel what built in the socialism and it broke down for the sake one avalanche. I think is a little bit horror!The sun was shining the weather was cold (opposition at the city but on the mountain it artless...)
That is one half of my 5th day. Afterward we went down to the city and I went to my favourite store. There I have bought a BBC diamond-dollar hoodie in blue colour.
I wanted to go to a restaurant what is the Happy. That is one of my favourite rastaurant. It has a pretty good retro design and the foods are scone-hot delicious!

Back to the hotel watch awhile The Voice television and Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz... I hope you enjoyed Khirrill's CoolTrip in Bulgaria!

by: Khirrill


  1. dat seemsz like an off the hook trip dude..and your outfit is even more fresh