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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nike x Quagmire

The newest Nike SB Dunk Hi with Quagmire. Who is he?! If you love the FamilyGuy or you are a big fan, you need to know (it's not a question). Yeah this Quagmire is he. It's so funny but so-so fresh! I love these kicks and I wanna walk in them. I'm a viewer of FG and I think it deserve this sneaker.

I put up one Quafmire's photo (for the ignorants...)! Yes, it is he... big head with bottom chin and the skirt with flowers, blue jeans. That is what you can see on the Nike shoes...
Watch the FamilyGuy, buy this model of Nike SB Dunk Hi. And if you got it, write a comment here. You can check the series at Comedy Central, and the shoes at DQM!
by: Khirrill

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