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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Minor Road: Pándi Balázs

Hello! Now I curve from the bottom line, and I write about a hungarian guy. His name is Balázs Pándi and he is a DJ, party organizer, shirt maker, musician, blogger and in this video we can see he is a reporter. With this have just one problem, it is on hungarian language, but it's worth watching. He had done reports with hungarian models (Regina Dukai, Linda Zimány and the designer, Sylvi Bódi) and he's doin' flagrant things. The style of the video suggests the Levi Maestro's ones. But really, congratulations!
I hope you enjoyed the video (for the hungarians) and the pictures (for the american and other bloggers). That's it!

by: Khirrill


  1. na immáron harmadszorra is megpróbálok kommentezni, hátha sikerül :-D
    köszi a supportot boss. kicsit majd most kiokítanak mit hogy lehet csinálni a blogban és akkor azonnal dobom a linked!!!
    találkozunk a barikádokon!

  2. hehe. a nagy egymásratalálás ;) a linket megköszönném! köszi, helo