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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Khirrill in the city

So here is an entry about me. Me and my friend went to the city and at the "Chain-gate" we found a good photo place. So we made some pictures. There was f*cking col in the city but our apparel was full. But that was a day what Khirrill likes and what Khirrill always makes!
The first I made like a magazine's page, it have a contact with the first collection.On the second you can see me, my Mishka Nem Era (at the next picture I will tell what I wore).
So, the cap is Mishka x New Era, the pulover is a basic grey hoodie (under a TERRANOVA t-shirt and a Levi's pulover, my "eleganter" black coat, my Louis Vuitton Abbesses, a purple jeans with snake design and what you didn't see: my new Supra Muska SkyTop.And before you ask... Here is my friend, Szaki with me! The pohoto somewhere colourful, but somewhere it's greyscale... And what you need to know: www.botsbybots.blogspot.com HAHA.I hope you loved my clothes and my tyle. I think the first picture got cool.HAHA. Stay fresh bloggers!
by: Khirrill


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  2. YO wats good man a i really like this we should talk but amizing post i am gonna get those shoes but in black i added u on myspace catch u l8ter thatkidevan.blogspot.com a name is Evan