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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Minor Road: Balkan Fanatik ft. Prophet

The hungarian electronical folk band, the Balkan Fanatik joined with the american rapper, Prophet. He borned in San Francisco, but he lives in Los Angeles. The song is from 2009 and it's on the Balkan Fanatik's newest album, the American Perestroika (you can listen it on myspace.com/balkanfanatik). Personally I really like the sounding (the popular chorus and tune passes well with Prophet's voice, and Prohet's rap-part). It's worth to watching/listening!!! So enjoy the Balkan Fanatik ft. Prophet - Ha te tudnád (Love gone wrong)...You need to know something about Hungary.HAHA. I hope you love it, stay fresh!

by: Khirrill

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